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Please make sure you set your status to upcoming events. This makes the missions more enjoyable and helps the mission makers and admins immensely!
ARMA III General
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Mod related discussions
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By Hardly tagtagtagtag Sep 14, 18
Discussion about general topics.
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By Sgt J. Boyle tag Mar 30, 19
Discussion about topics concerning the Wasteland Server
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By Diver atagtagtag Apr 9, 18
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Mission Briefing is where we post briefs on upcoming missions.
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By NOID atagtagtagtago Mar 2, 19
Debrief is where we go over our most recent missions in detail and reflect on the lessons that can be learned from them. You can also use this area to share experiences you had in missions.
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By Fartic tagtag Aug 31, 18
For sharing tips and standard designs for TFRF missions.
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By TheTimidShade atagtagtagtag Aug 22, 18
Tactics and Procedure
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Write and place any potential or current standard operating procedures in this section. All members should know this, especially FTLs and SLs and higher.
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By NOID atagtagtagtago May 25, 18
Everything related to training
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By Hardly tagtagtagtag Sep 14, 18
The forum for Learning and info not SOP or Tactic specific.
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By Shadow atagtagtagtag Apr 30, 18
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