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Please make sure you set your status to upcoming events. This makes the missions more enjoyable and helps the mission makers and admins immensely!

Important FAQ and New Member Information

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Q: I'm completely new to Arma, can i still join up?
A: Absolutely, as long as you can teach yourself the basic mechanics and controls of the game then we'll be able to guide you through the rest. The leap from KOTH or Wasteland to actual realism is just as big for everyne regardless of how many hours you have.

Q: How often does TFRF host missions?
A: We host basic community missions weekly for more detailed information visit out events page

Q: Do I have to complete training before I can participate in missions?
A: Yes, the reason for this is not only do we need to ensure that you have a good understanding of ACE3 and the other mods, but we also need to take you through our standard operating and safety procedures (callsigns, markers, maneuvers etc).

Q: How long does basic training take and when are the sessions?
A: Basic Training is held at 5:30 every Saturday. Turn up 15mins before to ensure we all start together. Expect the basic training to last two hours.

Q: How does the ranking system work?
A: Ranks represent leadership roles and are not a reflection of skill or playtime. To be considered for a leadership role you need to show good leadership during missions and dedication to the group but be warned, with higher ranks comes higher levels of responsibility and you will also have to attend extra leadership training sessions. While senior ranks do not technically have superioirity over you, they should do in missions are you are required to follow their directions to the best of your ability.

Q: How far do you take the realism aspect of the game?
A: Our goal at TFRF is maintaining a good balance between tactical realism and fun. We employ a variety of military tactics and procedures but there is none of that "yes sir, no sir" stuff that you find with some hardcore milism groups. While we do like to throw banter around every now and then but we do enforce a certain level of maturity to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience.

Q: Is there a dedicated server and how is communication handled?
A: Yes we have multiple dedicated servers including our operations server, training server and wasteland server. In game communication is handled through teamspeak and we utilize Task Force Radio during missions.

Q: What should I do if I feel I have been unfairly treated
A: If you feel you have been unfairly treated for whatever reason you can submit an anonymous complaint form through our launcher or you can discuss the issue with one of the senior admins.


Q: How do I sign up for events?
Keep an eye on the events tab and sign up and set your status for events you are able to attend. If you are not able to attend an event please set your status as not attending, this helps us a lot!

Q: Can I use the teamspeak server outside of missions?
A: Absolutely, there are a variety of channels for everything from public arma multiplayer to other games.

Q: Who can I contact regarding information about the group or training?
A: Jump on our Teamspeak any afternoon (GMT+10) and look for an admin or moderator. These guys are there to help you. If none are available you can ask another member to call a moderator or admin for you.
To request specific training, you can submit a Training Request Form through our launcher.

Q: How do the awards work?
A: You can be issued with various awards by meeting the conditions of that specific award during missions. Awards are normally issued through a member nominations process but some awards, like the 1 year veteran award, will be issued automatically when the conditions are met.

Q: I've been issued with an Inactive tag, how can I get rid of it?
A: Inactive tags are automatically issued to users who have not visited the site for more than 30 days. If you have been inactive for a legitimate reason and would like to resume activities within the group then just message an admin and they'll remove it or put you on hold (inactive for a defined amount of time).

Q: How can I rank up?
A higher ranked member is more experienced in leading, is proficient in our SOPs and tactics and take on roles to support the community outside of Arma 3. If you want to rank up, show initiative, volunteer to help out in training and administrative jobs. Lead by example and be prepared for extra work and responsibilities.
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